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ecto 0.2がリリース

とりあえず、アップデートのメッセージが出たので、アップデートとメモ (^^;

- first time users now can set the usage mode of ecto (see also ecto -> Usage Mode). This facilitates configuring the ecto GUI and functioning to user preferences.
- MovableType API users (incl. TypePad, Serendipity, Blogware) can now set default entry settings (comments, trackback, and text formatting) when setting up an account.
- services menu item now can read URL and title of active Safari page if Safari is running.
- recent entries preferences redone to be more straightforward.
- transparency preferences simplified.
- ecto is now compatible with blogWare (www.blogware.com).
- fixed a bug in thumbnailing code that would fail for some image formats.
- moved most of iTunes AS code to Obj-C for speed and unicode compatibility.
- improved stability of XML-RPC code.
- main window deminiaturizes itself if entry or draft is loaded from list.
- fixed a bug that prevented uploading images to a metaWeblog API server.
- fixed a bug where html tags could revert to default.
- fixed bug where saving a recent entry would create a new draft.
- fixed bug in ordering account list.
- added check to verify splitview divider position.
- version check code now downloads 10.2 version for ecto running on 10.2.
- added check to verify if ping and trackback addresses start with 'http://'
- handles cases where blog systems do not have mt.supportedTextFilters.
- cosmetic fix in syntax coloring.
- ecto does not ping sites if entry is a draft.
- removed Nucleus workaround with getRecentPosts now that they fixed the corresponding bug in their XML-RPC implementation, i.e. numberOfPosts is passed as an int again in metaWeblog API.
- added option to ask for confirmation when posting an entry (see Preferences > Advanced).
- other minor fixes.


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