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ecto Beta Release 6が登場!

cube tech: ecto 0.2.3 リリース」に更新内容の和訳?が載っています。


- Added "Save As New" menu command for saving older entries as draft. This replaces
the "Save As New?" dialog when saving edits of older entries.
- "Do not show again" setting in the Update Cache notification sheet was ignored. Fixed.
- Account configuration window respects textured option.
- Added refresh categories button to category drawer as a quick way to update the list of categories when it has been modified via the weblog system's online control panel.
- Fixes to Japanese localization (Hiroshi Yamato).
- HTML tag toolbar button did not scale to small size if toolbar was set to small. Fixed.
- Fixed a bug that could crash ecto when resetting date of a posted entry.
- Corrected help documents (Boris Anthony).

リリースの記事は chaotic intransient prose bursts: ecto 0.2.3 released(英文)

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この記事を書いている現在、kung-fooのダウンロードサーバがdownしているようで、自動アップデートが出来ませんでした。で、ミラーサーバから落としたわけですが、なんと!日本のミラーサーバはJoi Ito's Webでした!・・・知らなかったぜ (^^;




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